The Building Process


The day the workers arrive to dig the pool they will have a copy of the drawing furnished to you by your representative.  The pool will be laid out according to the drawing specifications that were agreed upon between you and your representative during your contract signing. 


After the pool is laid out the excavator will begin digging the hole for the future pool. The hole itself will be dug larger than the actual dimensions of the pool shell.


After the hole is dug we will form the pool shell, it could take up to Three Weeks before we return to do the work. The men will arrive to form the shell, they first form the perimeter of the pool. The plumbing of the (2) two main drains is next, they will then hang the steel and install rebar. At that time an inspection is required by the City or County building department. The building inspector must approve the plumbing and steel rebar, making sure of the proper size and dimensions. When the inspection is approved, we will schedule the concrete for the shotcrete procedure.  Backfilling dirt around the shot shell will follow. 


After the pool has been backfilled, the waterline tile and the plumbing for the pool will be installed. Upon completion, the pool deck will be formed. The deck is compacted and then treated by the pest control company, and is now ready for deck inspection. Once this inspection has been approved, we can prepare the deck and schedule the placement of the concrete.  After the deck is poured, should there be a screen enclosure, we will call for measurements at this time, to be installed at a later date.


The pool equipment (pump, filter, etc.) will now be set. The electrician will be scheduled for wiring the pump and the lighting.  Upon completion we will call for an electrical inspection. At this time we will begin the acrylic topping on the deck. The deck is sprayed and textured, and the first coat of acrylic paint is applied. The deck will receive a final coat of paint once all work has been completed.


Should you purchase a Screen Enclosure with your pool, the screen enclosure is now ready for installation. When the installation is complete the screen company will then call for an inspection from the county or city building department.


 We will prepare the interior for the marcite/plaster, which includes cleaning out any construction debris, setting up cap tile and grouting the waterline tile. After the interior finish has been applied, the pool is filled with water. The pool can be started up and the clean up procedure will begin. This procedure will take several days. During this time the automatic cleaner and deck equipment (hand rails, ladders, etc.) will be installed, with the application of the final coat of acrylic paint along with the border color that give the deck the final finish.


The pool is now complete and ready for final grading and clean up of the yard. We will finish grade with a small tractor, filling in all ruts (as much as possible) that were caused by trucks and equipment. When the clean up is complete the Pool Deck Alarm /Alarms  or the fencing must be installed according to the City or County codes by Yandle’s Splash Time Pools, Inc. or the homeowner, as provided by the contract. Your pool is now ready for final inspection by the Building Department.


 The operating instructions for your pool will be done by appointment around the time the salt is added to the pool along with the salt cell. You will be instructed on how to clean your pool and operate the pump and filter. At this time we will leave you with your manuals to your equipment along with a salt cell instruction letter.